With more and more Pakistanis tweeting, posting, and sharing content in Urdu and Roman Urdu (Urdu written in Latin script), it has become important for brands to not only understand them but also analyze the emotions hidden within their conversations.

Here are some ways Urdu sentiment analysis can give your business a real competitive edge:

Understand Customers in their Native Language

If you are a business catering to Pakistani audiences, understanding their sentiment regarding your product or service is very important.

Whether you have added a new feature to your food delivery app or you have opened a new branch of a fast food chain, Urdu sentiment analysis can help you get key insights from your customers in their native language.

Stay on Top of Local Trends

Trends on Twitter help you identify topics and hashtags that are popular at the time, but they do not provide any additional insights.

An ingenious Urdu sentiment analysis tool, such as SocialPie , can help you get a clear overview of the conversations happening in Urdu and carry out full-blown market research. With these insights, you can connect with your audience on a deeper level and make smarter strategic decisions

Analyze the Sentiment in Comments of Urdu Blogs and Vlogs

The overall sentiment in the comments section of a blog or vlog is one of most telling indicators of the likeability of the creator and the authenticity of their content. You can then leverage the services of people’s favorite bloggers and vloggers for your marketing and PR campaigns.

Most of the comments on the blogs and vlogs of local creators are in Urdu or Roman Urdu. With an Urdu sentiment analysis tool at your disposal, you can gauge public sentiment and get key audience insights on any blog or vlog.

You can then leverage the services of people’s favorite bloggers and vloggers for your marketing and PR campaigns.

Improve Customer Support

Modern consumers do not shy away from expressing their thoughts and opinions about a product or service on the internet. What’s more, they expect to be heard.

According to HubSpot, around 70 percent of consumers believe that a quick response from a company’s customer support team can drastically improve their experience.

Whether your customers are posting about their negative experience on your page or on a review website, a sentiment analysis tool like SocialPie, can help you monitor comments in Urdu and Roman Urdu and respond to them before it becomes a crisis.

Monitor and Optimize Marketing Campaigns

Whether it’s a weekend food deal or an Eid discount offer on your latest clothing collection, you want to learn how people are responding to it.

This is where Urdu sentiment analysis can prove to be really useful. Filtering data by your campaign hashtags, you will be able to see what’s working and what’s not, and optimize accordingly.

These insights will also help you build better campaigns in future.

Application of Urdu Sentiment Analysis in Different Industries

Here’s how professionals from different industries can benefit from Urdu sentiment analysis:

Government Sector

For a government body, it is very important to fully understand the community’s sentiment to better serve it.

With Urdu sentiment analysis, public sector entities can better engage with Pakistan’s citizens, identify their critical pain points and deliver services more efficiently.

Health Sector

The public health sector in Pakistan operates in a very high-pressure environment. With the surge of a global pandemic, its role became all the more important.

In Pakistan, a lot of misinformation and conspiracy theories are spread in the native language. An Urdu sentiment analysis tool can help public health organizations in Pakistan track false information and respond accordingly.

Telecom Sector

The telecom sector is one of the fastest growing segments of Pakistan’s economy.

Pakistanis have strong opinions about their network providers and it’s very important for players in the telecom sector to gauge public sentiment. With Urdu sentiment analysis, customer support teams at telecom companies can learn in real-time about the issues their customers are facing and improve their services.

Financial Sector

Digitalisation has completely transformed the financial and banking sector in Pakistan. With constant innovations, such as blockchain technology, microfinancing, and digital banking, it has become all the more important for financial service providers to stay relevant.

An Urdu sentiment analysis tool can help companies in the FinTech space analyze conversations in Urdu, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.

Media and Entertainment Industry

From online news channels to digital agencies, analyzing sentiment in Urdu is of strategic importance to players in the media and entertainment industry.

Urdu sentiment analysis can help them tailor their communications strategy according to the specific needs of their target audience.

Urdu sentiment analysis can provide you that much-needed competitive advantage. Want to learn more about how SocialPie can help? Email us at sales@socialpie.io.