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Welcome to SocialPie Technology

At SocialPie Tech, we are committed to safeguarding your privacy and personal information. This Privacy Policy is designed to help you understand how we collect, use, disclose, and safeguard your personal information. 

Information We Collect

1.1. Personal Information: 

This refers to data that can identify you as an individual. Personal information may include details such as your name, email address, phone number, mailing address, and other information you voluntarily provide us. This information is typically collected when you, for example, sign up for our services, subscribe to newsletters, or contact us directly. It helps us to personalize your experience and provide you with relevant services.

1.2. Non-Personal Information: 

Non-personal information is data that, on its own, cannot be used to identify you. It includes technical information automatically gathered when you interact with SocialPie Technologies’ website or services. This data may include your IP address (a unique number assigned to your device when connected to the internet), the type of web browser you are using, your operating system, and other technical details about your device and how you use our website.

Non-personal information is valuable for us to understand how our website is being used, improve its functionality, and enhance your user experience. Importantly, it does not reveal your identity.

It’s important to note that while personal information is used to tailor our services specifically for you, non-personal information helps us maintain and optimize the technical aspects of our website and services. We respect your privacy and take measures to secure both types of information according to our Privacy Policy.

2. How We Use Your Information

We may use your information for various purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Providing and personalizing our services.
  • Communicating with you.
  • Analyzing and improving our services.

2.1. Providing and Personalizing our Services: 

This means that we use the information we collect, both personal and non-personal, to offer you our services. For instance, your name and email address enable us to personalize your experience and tailor our services to your needs and requirements. When you contact us or use our services, this information helps us deliver the most relevant and effective solutions. It ensures that your experience with us is fine-tuned to your specific needs.

2.2. Communicating with You: 

We use your information to stay in touch with you. This includes sending you essential updates and service-related notifications, responding to inquiries or requests, and delivering content you’ve subscribed to, such as newsletters. Effective communication is key to informing you about our services and relevant news.

2.3. Analyzing and Improving Our Services:

 We collect data to understand how our services are used and identify improvement areas. This analysis may include examining patterns and trends in user behavior, identifying which features are most popular, and assessing the performance of our website and services. By doing so, we can enhance our offerings, fix any issues, and ensure you have the best possible experience.

3. Information Sharing

We are committed to safeguarding your personal information. This means that, in normal circumstances, we only disclose your personal information to external parties if it is necessary to provide our services or as required by law. We prioritize your privacy and will not share your details with third parties without your consent.

However, there may be specific situations where it becomes necessary to share your information, such as when collaborating with trusted partners or to comply with legal obligations. Rest assured, any sharing of your data will always be by applicable data protection laws and regulations. 

4. Cookies and Tracking Technologies

At SocialPie Technologies, we employ cookies and similar tracking technologies to provide an enhanced and personalized user experience on our website. These technologies are small data stored on your device when interacting with our website. They serve various purposes, including:

4.1. Improved User Experience: 

Cookies enable us to remember your preferences and settings, such as your language choice and the specific features you’ve customized, allowing for a smoother and more convenient browsing experience.


4.2. Analyzing Website Performance: 

We use cookies to collect data on how users interact with our website. This information helps us understand which areas of our site are most visited, which allows us to make improvements based on user behavior and preferences.

4.3. Personalized Content:

Cookies assist us in providing you with content that aligns with your interests and needs. We can recommend relevant content and resources tailored to your preferences by tracking your browsing behavior.

4.4. Security:

Some cookies are essential for ensuring the security and integrity of our website. They help us detect and prevent any fraudulent or unauthorized activities.

It’s important to note that you can manage your cookie preferences. Most web browsers allow you to control and delete cookies as you see fit. You can adjust your settings to accept or reject certain types of cookies or be notified when they are used. Please refer to your browser’s settings for detailed information on managing cookies.

By using SocialPie Technologies’ website, you consent to cookies and tracking technologies described in this Privacy Policy. We assure you that these technologies are utilized responsibly and primarily focus on enhancing your online experience while respecting your privacy. Your continued use of our website indicates your acceptance of these practices.

5. Data Security

Your data security is a paramount concern for us. To uphold our commitment to protecting your information, we’ve implemented rigorous security measures encompassing multiple layers of protection. These measures include:

5.1. Data Encryption: 

We use state-of-the-art encryption protocols to secure data transmission between your device and our servers. This means that when you interact with our website, your information remains confidential and inaccessible to unauthorized parties.

5.2. Access Control: 

We employ strict access controls and authentication methods to ensure only authorized personnel can access sensitive data. This safeguards your information from unauthorized or inappropriate use.

5.3. Regular Audits and Assessments: 

We conduct periodic security audits and assessments to identify and rectify vulnerabilities. By staying vigilant and proactive, we continuously enhance our security measures.

5.4. Data Backup: 

We regularly back up our systems to prevent data loss in unforeseen circumstances. This ensures that your information remains accessible and secure.

5.5. Employee Training: 

Our team is well-trained in data security practices and procedures. We foster a culture of responsibility and awareness to ensure your data is always protected.

5.6. Incident Response: 

We have a well-defined incident response plan in the unlikely event of a security breach. This plan allows us to promptly address the situation, mitigate potential damage, and notify the affected parties as necessary.

5.7. Compliance with Regulations: 

We stick to relevant data protection regulations and industry standards to ensure your data is handled following the highest security standards.

While we are proactive in our security measures, it’s essential to remember that no system is entirely immune to potential threats. We continuously assess and refine our security practices to adapt to evolving threats and protect your data.

6. Third-Party Links

Our website may feature links to third-party websites for your convenience. While we strive to provide valuable and relevant content, it’s important to note that these websites have their own distinct privacy policies. SocialPie Technologies is not responsible for the privacy practices of these third-party websites. We recommend you review their privacy policies independently, which may differ from ours. It’s essential to exercise caution and due diligence when navigating external websites, even if you access them through links on our website. Your interactions and data exchanges with these third-party websites are subject to their respective privacy practices and terms of use.

7. Your Choices:

At SocialPie Technologies, we believe in putting you in control of your information and communication preferences. You have the following choices:

7.1. Communication Preferences: 

We respect your communication preferences. You can choose to opt in or out of specific types of communications from SocialPie Technologies. For instance, if you no longer wish to receive our newsletters or promotional emails, you can unsubscribe by using the provided link or contacting us directly. Please allow a reasonable time for your preferences to be processed.

7.2. Deletion: 

You can request the deletion of your personal information from our records. However, certain legal obligations or operational needs might prevent us from complying with such requests immediately.

8. Changes to This Privacy Policy

SocialPie Technologies reserves the right to update or modify this Privacy Policy anytime. When changes are made, the updated version of the Privacy Policy will be posted on our website, and the date of the latest revision will be mentioned at the top of the page.

9. Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns, or inquiries about this Privacy Policy or your data, please don’t hesitate to contact us

We are dedicated to promptly addressing your questions and concerns, ensuring that your experience with SocialPie Technologies is transparent and secure. Your privacy and data protection are of utmost importance to us.